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Northern Wrestling

Promotion Info Champions Schedule
Upcoming Cards Results Directions

Promotional Info
Promotion Name Northern Wrestling Federation
Location Greater Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Wilmington, Fairfield)

Current Champions
NWF Championship
Ryan Stone Current Champion: Ryan Stone
Date Won: 1/1/06
Won From: Chad Allegra
Tri-State Championship
Dustin Lillard Current Champion: Dustin Lillard
Date Won: 11/26/05
Won From: Ryan Stone
Tag Team Championships
TNT Current Champions: TNT
Tony Bryant & Tiny Tim
Date Won: 10/22/05
Won From: Ryan Stone & Matt Parks
Light Heavyweight Championship
Zodiac Current Champion: Zodiac
Date Won: 10/15/05
Won From: Tiny Tim
Bonekrushers Championship
Muldoon Current Champion: Muldoon
Date Won: 10/1/05
Won From: Tony Bryant

Event Schedule
Date Location Event
5/26 Cincinnati, OH
Live Show
5/27 Walton, KY
National Guard Armory
Memorial Day
6/3 Fairfield, OH
UAW Hall
Live Show
6/17 Wilmington, OH
Clinton County Fairgrounds
Live Show
6/24 West Harrison, IN
Harrison Health and Fitness
Live Show

Upcoming Cards
May 26
Jay Donaldson & TNT
King Kahuna, Matt Parks, Christopher Michael Lotus
Memorial Day Massacre
May 27
Walton, KY
NWF Championship
Ryan Stone (c) vs Ice

Matt Parks vs Jay Donaldson

Sin D vs A.J. Sparx

Tag Team Championships
TNT (c) vs The Thugs vs Weird Science

Pompano Joe vs Jeremy Hyde
June 3
Fairfield, OH
NWF Championship
Ryan Stone (c) vs Cody Hawk

Sin D vs Heather Owens

Baby Bottle Match
Pompano Joe vs. Jeremy Hyde

Tag Team Championships
The Thugs vs TNT (c)

Matt Parks vs Jay Donaldson
June 17
Wilmington, OH
Tag Team Championship Handcuff Match
TNT (c) vs The Thugs

Ice vs Member of Protected Ones

Dr. Melvin Winkleman vs Austin Meddler

Jeremy Hyde vs Pompano Joe

Recent Results
Bonekrushers Results
May 20, 2006
  1. Light Heavyweight Champion Zodiac fought Christopher Michael Lotus to a time limit draw.
  2. Pepper def The Warlock
  3. Tiny Tim def King Kahuna by DQ when Matt Parks & Christopher Michael Lotus interfered
  4. Tony Bryant def Matt Parks by DQ when King Kahuna interfered.
  5. Jay Donaldson def Dr. Melvin Winkleman
  6. Ice defeated Roger Ruffen
  7. The Hippies def Jeremy Hyde & Ryan Stone
Latest Wilmington Results
May 13, 2006
  1. Jay Donaldson def The Warlock
  2. Dr. Melvin Winkleman def Austin Meddler
  3. Sin D def Nevaeh by DQ
  4. Tag Team Champions TNT fought The Thugs to a Double DQ
  5. Ice def Muldoon by DQ when Roger Ruffen interfered
  6. Jeremy Hyde & Matt Parks def Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe
  7. Pepper & Ice def Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone
Bonekrushers Results
May 12, 2006
  1. Light Heavyweight Champion Zodiac def Austin Meddler and Malpractice in a 3-Way Match
  2. Tri-State Champion Dustin Lillard def Dr. Melvin Winkleman
  3. Jay Donaldson def T-Money
  4. Tag Team Champions TNT def King Kahuna & Matt Parks, The Thugs, The Hippies in a 4-Way Match
  5. Pepper def Jeremy Hyde after Pompano Joe
  6. Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone def Ice in a Handicapped Match
Latest Fairfield Results
April 22, 2006
  1. Jay Donaldson def Malpractice
  2. Matt Parks & Dr. Melvin Winkleman def Zodiac & Austin Meddler
  3. Ice def T-Money
  4. The Thugs fought Tag Team Champions TNT to a Double Countout.
  5. Jesse Hyde def Rory Fox
  6. Pompano Joe def Jeremy Hyde
  7. Chad Allegra & Cody Hawk def Ryan Stone & Roger Ruffen
Latest Walton Results
April 15, 2006
  1. Lightweight Champion The Zodiac def Mr. Hayes
  2. T-Money & Nasty Russ def Crybaby Hyde & The Playboy
  3. Tri-State Champion Dustin Lillard def Rory Fox by DQ
  4. King Kahuna def Ice
  5. Tag Team Champions TNT fought Weird Science to a no-decision after T-Money and Nasty Russ interfered.
  6. Pompano Joe def Christopher Michael Lotus
  7. NWF Champion Ryan Stone def Chad Allegra by DQ
  8. Matt Parks & Muldoon def Jay Donaldson & Jesse Hyde

Directions to Upcoming Events
2616 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH
From North:
  1. I-75 to US 27/US 127/Hopple St (Exit 3)
  2. West on Hopple St.
  3. Left on Colerain Ave.
From South:
  1. I-75 to Harrison Ave (Exit 2B)
  2. West on Western Hills Via toward Harrison Ave.
  3. Right on Spring Grove Ave.
  4. Right on Alfred St.
  5. Left on Colerain Ave.
Clinton County Fairgrounds
985 W. Main St.
Wilmington, OH
  1. I-71 to SR 73/Wilmington/Waynesville (Exit 45)
  2. East on SR 73 toward Wilmington
  3. Right on US 22/Main St.
UAW Hall
1233 Symmes Rd.
Fairfield, OH
  1. I-275 to Winton Rd/Forest PArk/Fairfield
  2. North on Winton Rd/S. Gilmore Rd. toward Fairfield
  3. Left on SR 4
  4. Right on Symmes Rd.
Harrison Health & Fitness
212 S. State St.
West Harrison, IN
  1. I-74 to New Haven Rd./Harrison (Exit 1)
  2. South on New Haven Rd toward Harrison
  3. Right on Harrison Ave.
  4. Follow Harrison Ave to Downtown Harrison
  5. Left on S. State St.

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