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Ohio Valley Wrestling

Promotion Info Champions Schedule
Upcoming Cards Results Directions

Promotional Info
Promotion Name Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)
Location Southern/South Central Indiana (Corydon, Seymour, Austin...)
West Central Kentucky (Lousiville, Elizabethtown, Hodgenville...)
TV Show Louisville: Saturdays 11:00pm-Louisville CW
Cincinnati: Saturdays 1:00pm & 1:00am-CinCW

Current Champions
OVW Championship
Paul Burchall Current Champion: Paul Burchall (2nd Reign)
Date Won: 2/18/07
Won From: Cody Runnels

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Cody Runnels--2/17/07
Paul Burchall--12/13/06
Chet the Jett (2)--12/13/06
Jacob Duncan--10/25/06
Chet the Jett--8/30/06
Television Championship
Mike Kruel Current Champion: Mike Kruel
Date Won: 2/7/07
Won From: Boris Alexiev

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Boris Alexiev--1/24/07
Eddie Kraven--1/3/07
Seth Skyfire (2)--11/15/07
Charles Evans--11/1/06
Devon Driscoll--10/11/06
Tag Team Championships
Shawn Spears Current Champions: Cody Runnels & Shawn Spears
Date Won: 10/18/06
Won From: Deuce & Domino

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Deuce & Domino (2)--8/2/06
CM Punk & Seth Skyfire--7/28/06
Neighboorhoodie & Shad Ghaspard--5/27/06
Roadkill & Kasey James--4/5/06
Deuce & Domino--3/19/06
Women's Championship
Katie Lea Current Champion: Katie Lea
Date Won: 11/1/06
Won From: Beth Phoenix

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Beth Phoenix (2)--10/21/06
Victoria Crawford--10/20/06
Beth Phoenix--10/4/06

Event Schedule
Date Location Event
Louisville, KY
New Davis Arena
TV Taping
3/16 Hillview, KY
Hillview Community Center
Live Event
3/17 Cincinnati, OH
Lincoln Community Center
Live Event
3/18 Lousiville, KY
Derby Park Flea Market
Live Event
3/24 Elizabethtown, KY
Vaughn Reno Starks CC
Live Event
3/30 Augusta, KY
Augusta Independent Sch.
3/31 Calhoun, KY
McLean County HS
4/1 Lousiville, KY
Derby Park Flea Market
Live Event/
WrestleMania 23
4/6 Owensboro, KY
Neblett Center
Live Event
4/7 Austin, IN
Austin HS
Fire Dept.
4/13 Elizabethtown, KY
Vaughn Starks Comm. Ctr.
Live Event
4/14 Leitchfield, KY
Grayson County MS
Live Event
4/15 Lousiville, KY
St. Therese's Gym
Live Event
4/20 Germantown, KY
Old Germantown School
St. Augustine
PTO Fundraiser
4/21 Cincinnati, OH
Lincoln Comm. Ctr.
Live Event
4/26 Hodgenville, KY
Larue County Comm. Ctr.
Live Event
4/27 Hillview, KY
Hillview Comm. Ctr.
Live Event
4/28 London, KY
London Optimist Club
Live Event
4/29 Louisville, KY
Derby Park Flea Market
Live Event/
WWE Backlash

Upcoming Cards
TV Taping
November 29
Coal Miner's Glove on a Pole
High Dosage vs Bad Company

Recent Results
TV Taping
March 7, 2007
New Davis Arena
  1. Jake Hager def 9-Fingers Dewey
  2. Tug-O-War Contest
    Atlas DaBone def Daniel Rodimer
  3. Tomasso def Jamin Olivencia
  4. OVW Championship
    Paul Birchall (c) def Little Guido
  5. Tag Team #1 Contenders
    Ox & Hammer def Chett the Jett & Steve Lewington, Nick Sinn & Belgium Brawler, and Gothic Mayhem

Directions to Upcoming Events
New Davis Arena
4400 Shepheardsville Rd.
Louisville, KY
  1. I-264 to US 31E/US 150/Bardstown Rd (Exit 16)
  2. South on Bardstown Rd approx. 1 mile to Hikes Ln.
  3. Right on Hikes Ln.
  4. Left on Shepherdsville Rd.
  5. Follow Shepherdsville Rd. approx. 1 mile
Larue County Comm. Center
915 S. Lincoln Blvd.
Hodgenville, KY
  1. I-65 to SR 84/Sonora
  2. East on SR 84 away from Sonora
  3. Follow SR 84 to Hodgenville
  4. Right on SR 61/Lincoln Pkwy.
  5. Follow to US 31E/Lincoln Blvd.
St. Therese Gym
1101 E. Kentucky Ave.
Louisville, KY
  1. I-65 to St. Catherine West (Exit 135)
  2. East on St. Catherine St.
  3. Left on Logan St.
  4. Right on Kentucky St.
Vaughn Reno Starks Community Center
105 Bishop Ln.
Elizabethtown, KY
From North:
  1. I-65 to US 31W/SR 61/Western KY Pkwy/Elizabethtown
  2. Exit to SR 61/Elizabethtown
  3. North on SR 61 toward Elizabethtown
  4. Left on Bishop Ln.
From South:
  1. I-65 to US 31W/SR 61/Western KY Pkwy/Paducha
  2. Exit to US 31W/Elizabethtown
  3. North on US 31W toward Elizabethtown
  4. Exit to US 62
  5. East on US 62 toward Elizabethtown
  6. Right on SR 61
  7. Right on Bishop Ln.
Derby Park Flea Market
2900 7th St. Rd.
Louisville, KY
  1. I-264 to US 31W North/US 60 East/Shively (Exit 8)
  2. Slight Right on US 60/Berry Blvd.
  3. Left on SR 1931/7th St Rd
  4. Follow to Arcade Ave
H.L. Neblett Community Center
801 W. 5th St.
Owensboro, KY
From West:
  1. Audubon Pkwy to US 60 Bypass West/Owensboro (Exit 24B)
  2. West on US 60 Bypass to US 60
  3. Right on US 60 (toward Downtown Owensboro)
  4. Follow to Downtown
  5. Right on Elm St.
  6. Follow Elm St. to 5th St.
From South:
  1. William H. Natcher Pkwy to US 60 Bypass East/Hawesville
  2. East on US 60 Bypass to US 60
  3. Left on US 60/E. 4th St. (toward Downtown Owensboro)
  4. Left on Elm St.
  5. Follow Elm St. to 5th St.
Hillview Community Center
298 Prairie Dr
Hillview, KY
  • I-65 to SR 1526/Brooks Rd/Hillview (Exit 121)
  • East on SR 1526/Brooks Rd toward Hillview
  • Left on SR 1450/Blue Lick Rd
  • Right on Maryville Dr
  • Maryville Dr becomes Hillview Blvd
  • Left on Brookley Dr
  • Left on Prairie Dr
Gerdon Youth Center
600 E. Chestnut St
Corydon, IN
  • I-64 to SR 135/Corydon (Exit 105)
  • South on SR 135 toward Corydon
  • Left on SR 337
  • Left on SR 62/E. Chestnut St
  • Follow to College Ave
Augusta Idependent Schools
207 Bracken St
Augusta, KY
  • SR 9/AA Highway to SR 19/Augusta
  • North on SR 19 toward Augusta
  • Left on KY 8/Heather Renee French Blvd
  • Right on Frankfort St
  • Left on E. 4th St
  • Right on Bracken St
Lincoln Community Center
1027 Linn St
Cincinnati, OH
From North
  • I-75 South to Ezzard Charles Dr (Exit 1G)
  • South on Western Ave toward Ezzard Charles Dr
  • Left on Ezzard Charles Dr
  • Right on Linn St
From South
  • I-75 North to US 50/River Rd (Exit 1C)
  • West on US 50 to Linn St/Dalton Ave Exit
  • Right on Linn St
  • Follow Linn St just past Court St.
Pendleton Heights HS
1 Arabian Way
Pendleton, IN
  • I-69 to SR 38/Pendleton/Noblesville (Exit 19)
  • East on SR 38 toward Pendleton
  • Right on US 36/SR 67/SR 9
  • Left on W. Angle Rd
  • Left on Arabian Way
Westmoreland Middle School
4128 Hawkins Rd
Westmoreland, TN
  • US 231/US 31E to Austin Peay Hwy
  • West on Austin Peay Hwy
  • Right on Park St
  • Park St becomes Hawkins Dr

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