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Revolutionary Championsip Wrestling

Promotion Info Champions Schedule
Upcoming Cards Results Directions

Promotional Info
Promotion Name Revolutionary Championship Wrestling (RCW)
Location Southern Ohio/NE Kentucky (Portsmouth, Jackson, Ashland)
TV Show TV Specials TBD-WQCW 30

RCW News/Headlines
3/11/07 New RCW Show Signed for Otway
RCW has added a new event to their schedule. The event will take place April 7 at the Old Otway School in Otway, OH. This will be the first show in Otway since December 2005.
3/11/07 The Return of Exotic E
At RCW Physical Distortion on March 10, Exotic E (formerly know as Lord Arion) announced his departure from The Coven.
3/11/07 Ranger Bob Turns on His Team
The Voice of RCW, Ranger Bob turned on his tag team partners in their 6-Man Tag Team Match at Physical Distortion, aligning himself with Tyson Rogers, Chuck Chronic, and Wes Cannon.
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Current Champions
RCW Championship Television Championship
Current Champion: Tank Runyon (1st Reign)
Date Won: 2/3/07 @ Sheer Impact
Won From: Judas Thorn

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Judas Thorn--2/18/06
Randy "The King" Allen--12/3/05
Dirk Extreme--6/18/05
Andy Runyon--12/11/04
Trik Nasty--10/16/04
Current Champion: Cyrus Samson Poe
Date Won: 7/8/06 @ Injection
Won From: Tommy Chill

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Tommy Chill--3/31/06
C.O. Hustler (2)--8/27/05
Tank Runyon (3)--4/9/05
C.O. Hustler--12/11/04
Tank Runyon (2)--7/31/04
Tag Team Championships Internet Championship
Current Champions: Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler
Date Won: 10/14/06 @ Trik or Treat
Won From: Projekt Ego

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Projekt Ego (Juggulator & Draven)--3/31/06
TNT (Runyon & Nasty)--11/12/05
Excalibur (Gigolo & Wrath)--6/18/05
Tommy Chill & Slammin Sammy--12/11/04
Zero Tollerance (Chill & Damian Kass)--10/16/04
Current Champion: Rocky Rich (1st Reign)
Date Won: 1/27/07 @ RCW Training Center
Won From: Chuck Chronic

Previous 5 Title Changes (Reverse Order):
Chuck Chronic--11/18/06
Nikki Tyler--3/11/06
"Beautiful" Bobby L.--12/3/05
Tyson Rogers--6/6/05
Nic Wrath--9/20/04

Event Schedule
Date Location Event
4/7 Otway, OH
Old Otway School
Live Show
5/5 Portsmouth, OH
Elk's City Lodge
Live Show
6/30 Jackson, OH
Memorial Building
Injection 5
7/28 Portsmouth, OH
Spartan Stadium
Live Show @
Outloud Fest

Upcoming Cards
Full Circle 4
December 2
Portsmouth, OH
Ivan Koloff & Randy Allen vs Ace Gigolo & CO Hustler

Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler (c) vs Projekt Ego

TV Championship
Slammin Sammy (c) vs Tommy Chill

Tank Runyon vs Trik Nasty

Dirk Extreme vs Tyson Rogers

Vile vs Ricochet

Rocky Rich vs Chuck Chronic

Recent Results
Physical Distortion
February 4, 2006
Portsmouth, OH
  1. Randy "The King" Allen def C.O. Hustler
  2. Vile & Ricochet def Carlton Kaz & El Nino
  3. Tag Team Championships
    Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler (c) def Projekt Ego
  4. Tyson Rogers, Chuck Chronic, Big Wes Cannon def Dirk Extreme, Rocky Rich, Ranger Bob after Bob turned on his team.
  5. TV Championship
    Cyrus Sampson Poe (c) def Tommy Chill by DQ
  6. RCW Championship Triple Threat Match
    Tank Runyon (c) def Ace Gigolo and Judas Thorn
Sheer Impact
February 4, 2006
Jackson, OH
  1. Ace Gigolo def Flash Fury after C.O. Hustler interfered.
  2. TV Championship
    Cyrus Samson Poe (formerly Slammin Sammy) (c) def Tommy Chill
  3. Vile & Richochet def El Nino & Hector Hector
  4. Juggulator def Nikki Tyler
  5. Dirk Extreme & Rocky Rich def Tyson Rogers & Chuck Chronic
  6. C.O. Hustler def Randy "The King" Allen by countout
  7. RCW Championship
    Tank Runyon def Judas Thorn (c)
Uncivil War
November 4, 2006
Jackson, OH
  1. Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler def Tag Team Champions Projekt Ego
  2. TV Champion Slammin Sammy def Ricochet
  3. Tommy Chill & Damien Kass def Rocky Rich & Chuck Chronic
  4. Rocky Rich def Hector Hector
  5. Tank Runyon, Randy Allen, Dirk Extreme, Vile def Judas Thorn, Trik Nasty, Ace Gigolo, JD Santos
Trik or Treat
October 14, 2006
Portsmouth, OH
  1. Ricochet def Teijo Kahn in a Loser Leaves the Coven Match after Judas Thorn interfered.
  2. Nikki Tyler & Flash Fury def Tag Team Champions Projekt Ego
  3. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme def C.O. Hustler after Ace Gigolo accidently hit Hustler
  4. Rocky Rich def Dude Rock in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
  5. Tyson Rogers & Chuck Chronic def Tommy Chill & Slammin Sammy after Damien Kass interfered
  6. Ace Gigolo def Randy "The King" Allen in a Dog Collar Match after C.O. Hustler interfered
  7. RCW Champion Judas Thorn def Tank Runyon after guest referee Trik Nasty turned on Runyon
International Incident
September 16, 2006
Portsmouth, OH
  1. Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler def Tyson Rogers & Chuck Chronic
  2. Trik Nasty def Rocky Rich
  3. Randy Allen def Ace Gigolo by DQ
  4. Judas Thorn & Richochet def Tanky Runyon & "American Idol" Dirk Extreme
  5. Father Ted def Judas Thorn, Richchet, Lord Arion in a 3-on-1 Handicapped Match
Out Loud Fest
July 29, 2006
Portsmouth, OH
  1. Internet Champion Nikki Tyler def Tyson Rogers
  2. Trik Nasty def Flash Fury
  3. Chuck Chronic def Rocky Rich after Tyson Rogers interfered
  4. Dirk Extreme & Bobby Fulton def Judas Thorn & Ricochet

Directions to Upcoming Events
Elk's City Lodge
317 Court St.
Portsmouth, OH
From North:
  1. US 23 South to Downtown Portsmouth
  2. Continue onto Chillicothe St.
  3. Right on 4th St.
  4. Follow 4th St. to Court St.
From East:
  1. US 52 West to Portsmouth
  2. Continue onto 12th St.
  3. Left on US 23/Chillicothe St.
  4. Right on 4th St.
  5. Follow 4th St. to Court St.
From South/West:
  1. US 52 East to SR 73/SR 104
  2. South on SR 73/SR 104 toward Portsmouth
  3. Continue onto 2nd St.
  4. Left on Court St.
Memorial Bulding
145 Broadway
Jackson, OH
From South/West:
  1. SR 32 to SR 93/Jackson
  2. North on SR 93/Main St toward Jackson
  3. Left on Broadway
From North:
  1. US 35 to Broadway/Jackson
  2. West on Broadway toward Jackson
  3. Follow just past SR 93/Main St to Walnut St.
Old Otway School
SR 73
Otway, OH
From Portsmouth:
  • US 52 West to SR 73/SR 104
  • North on SR 73/SR 104
  • Left on SR 73
  • Follow SR 73 to Otway

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